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Author: BARRE3

Clients come to barre3 for a vast range of reasons—everything from wanting to rebuild strength after an injury to wanting an ultra-challenging, results-driven sweat session. Great news: Our signature teaching method makes it possible for everyone who walks through our doors to get the workout they’re looking for.

It all comes down to our modifications, which allow you to adjust the workout to your individual needs. We asked barre3 VP of Research and Development Lisa Schale-Drake for tips on how to take the barre3 workout turbo. Check out her suggestions for getting faster results below.

THE TURBO OPTION: Add more resistance.

WHY IT WORKS: Resistance helps us go deeper into our muscles, making them work in a new, more challenging way.

HOW TO PUT IT INTO ACTION: If you’re not using weights in your current routine, add them. If you’re already using them, move up to the next level. For example, try 4-pound weights if you’re currently using 2-pounders. Also, use the resistance band if you’re not already doing so, and try increasing your range of motion.


WHY IT WORKS: It sounds counterproductive, but slowing down allows you to connect to whatever part of your body you’re working and to move with more purpose. Instead of moving with momentum, you move with intention—and that helps you target your muscles in a more intense way.

HOW TO PUT IT INTO ACTION: Anytime you start to feel like you’re using momentum rather than intention, or anytime you feel like you’ve lost your connection with the move, slow the move down by about half. You’ll notice that going slowly actually makes the move harder—and that’s a good thing when it comes to results.

THE TURBO OPTION: Use tactile connection.

WHY IT WORKS: When you touch the area of your body you want to work during a move, it’s like a wake-up call for that muscle. This works especially well for any move that targets your glutes. All the sitting we do throughout the day has trained them to “turn off,” so they often need tactile reminders to get them firing.

HOW TO PUT IT INTO ACTION: Whatever posture you’re in, touch the muscle you want to work.

THE TURBO OPTION: Change up your routine.

WHY IT WORKS: When we do the same thing day-in and day-out, it’s easy to simply go through the motions, losing the all-important mind-body connection. When you change up your routine, you’re more likely to be present, and that’s the first step to an effective workout.

HOW TO PUT IT INTO ACTION: Try going to class at a different time of day, or take class with a new instructor. If you currently do three classes per week, try adding a fourth. If you do our online workouts, experiment with different lengths of classes—maybe one day you do a full 60-minute workout, and the next you do a 10-minuter in the morning, and 30 minutes at lunch.

THE TURBO OPTION: Set an intention.

WHY IT WORKS: You do barre3 for a reason, whether it’s to get stronger, feel more centered, boost your energy—or maybe all of the above. Tapping into that intention will inform how you move during class, allowing you to connect deeper to your body and motivating you to find your edge.

HOW TO PUT IT INTO ACTION: Before you start class, think about why you’re here today. You might even want to make a mantra out of it that you can repeat to yourself throughout class—for example “I am centered and strong.” You’ll be amazed at how this will boost your workout.