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It feels so good to be part of this movement

Author: Barre3
Aurora Jones franchisee

The owner of barre3 Austin | Circle C shares her journey

Like so many barre3 franchise owners, Aurora Jones’ journey to ownership can be traced back to the day she did her first class. Read on to find out how that first workout led to a job as an instructor and, before long, an opportunity to become a studio owner.

How did you first learn about barre3? I learned about barre3 from Sadie as she was opening her very first studio. Sadie and I had worked together for many years in the Bay Area. When she moved back to Portland, we stayed close, and when she started her new venture, I cheered her along from afar.

What did you think of that first class? My first barre3 experience was actually doing Sadie’s Total Body Lift DVD in my living room while my kids were napping. It gave me 40 minutes to focus on me, and after every workout, I felt like I could successfully conquer the rest of my day.

Did you have a career prior to becoming a barre3 studio owner? After having kids, I felt like I needed to step away from my corporate marketing job of almost 9 years. This was a really difficult decision for me because my career was a huge part of my identity. I enjoyed going to work every day. I loved creating advertising campaigns, learning from my colleagues, and honestly just being part of a team. But when I had my twin girls, my heart told me it was time for a change. Being able to be at home with my kids was such a gift for me—it’s something I will always treasure. After a few years at home and a third child, I still had a desire to have a career, so when barre3 came my way, I jumped at the chance to become an owner.

When did you first begin to think about owning your own studio? I started with barre3 as an instructor in Austin for the Downtown and Hill Country Galleria studios. I was completely fulfilled as an instructor, but when the owners of the two Austin studios asked if I would be interested in partnering with them to open a studio in my neighborhood, my heart skipped a few beats and I instantly said yes.

How long did you think about it before you took the first steps? It literally took me less than a second to make the decision to move into ownership. I completely believed in the barre3 mission, vision, and brand and I knew this was exactly what I was meant to do. It was the perfect blend of my education (B.S. in Exercise Physiology), my work experience, and my passion of helping others discover what being balanced in body and empowered from within means to them.

What was your journey to ownership like? From the moment I became a barre3 owner, I was fully embraced and supported by the entire team—a team comprised of incredibly smart, passionate, and collaborative owners, and experts in the franchise world. I valued the comprehensive training program and hands-on experience I received from the franchise team, but I also really appreciated the freedom to explore and discover what business processes worked best for our studio.

What was opening day like? I remember our opening day like it was yesterday. I had so many emotions. I was beyond excited to share barre3 with our community, but with that excitement, I was also terrified—terrified that we’d open our doors and no one would come. I was completely wrong. The Circle C community showed up big time. Our classes were packed, the energy was off the charts, and we never looked back!

What do you love most about being an owner? It’s so hard to say what I love most about being an owner because honestly, it’s everything. I love the workout—it’s smart, empowering, and it’s backed science (which is super important to me). And I love our community. When we decided to open a studio, I wanted to create an environment where team members and clients felt supported every time they walked through the doors—and I love that we’ve created that for each other. Every day, we are connecting with incredible people who are inclusive, who are committed to real, who celebrate progress—not perfection—and who believe in the power of lifting each other up. It just feels so damn good to be part of this movement where we are redefining what success in fitness means.

What advice would you give someone who’s considering becoming an owner? My best piece of advice for someone who is considering ownership is simple: Take a deep breath, and go for it.

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