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How barre3 is revolutionizing what success in fitness means

Author: Barre3
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For too long, success in fitness has been about measuring up to unrealistic ideals of what society deems as attractive, beautiful, and worthy. The message is that we aren’t good enough as we are, and that the only way to be acceptable is to change our bodies. Success is measured by the scale, the measuring tape, the pair of skinny jeans we bought as motivation—and the message we’re sent again and again is that when we don’t hit those measures of success, we’ve failed.

This approach to exercise rarely leads to meaningful changes—but it does lead to low self-esteem, injury, and a negative association with fitness.

The barre3 class takes a revolutionary approach. Instead of exercising to radically change your body, barre3 is designed to help you radically love your body, just as it is.

We do that with a class that teaches you to strive not to attain someone else’s idea of the “perfect” body, but to be balanced in body and empowered from within.

It starts with the physical workout—strength conditioning and cardio designed to strengthen and balance your body. We combine that with mindfulness by asking you to listen to your body throughout class to understand what it needs in each moment. For every move you do in class, we offer modifications to help you maximize that move to suit your body.

When you ask your body what it needs and adjust your workout accordingly, you learn that you are your own best teacher. Suddenly, working out isn’t a chore, it’s a joy. Instead of battling your body, you’re nurturing it.

The more you learn to look within and stand up for what you need in your barre3 class, the more likely you’ll be to do the same in other aspects of your life. Instead of looking to the external world for answers and validation, you’ll look inside yourself.

Balanced in body. Empowered from within. That’s what success in fitness looks like. We invite you to join us in bringing this revolutionary notion to life.

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